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Sinchies offers a versatile system of clear, reusable, eco- friendly, BPA free, plastic pouches used for storing and serving nutritious liquids, soft foods, sauces and salad dressings without the preservatives and sugars found in most pre-packaged goods.

With Sinchies, you’ve got the store bought convenience with healthy homemade goodness on the inside for optimum nutrition – and they can be used time and time again. What’s more, the retail price of a pouch is less than the throw away ones you buy in store. Our pouches allow you and your children to eat healthy homemade goodness, additive free food whilst on the run, out and about, at work or at school!

The greatest thing about Sinchies reusable pouches is that they have so many uses beyond yoghurt, smoothies, jelly and baby food purees. You can use them for storing dips, soups, spice rubs, toiletries or for the needs of children with disabilities and the elderly. Take them camping and travelling, our 80ml pouch is perfect for the international flight liquid restriction.

All Sinchies pouches are transparent so you can easily see the contents and this allows for easy filling and washing! We’d hate for you and your little one to get sick from a pouch that hasn’t been washed properly.

Owned and operated by mum of one, Sam explains how Sinchies came about “I was running a family daycare when squeezy yoghurts took the market by storm; both parents and kids loved them. But there was one little girl who was intolerant to dairy and she would cry because she couldn’t have a pouch of her own. Solving her pain became my purpose and my African background where we reuse and repurpose everything, became my inspiration.” Soon I was questioning “Why couldn’t kids, parents and indeed anyone have a pouch that could be filled with their own contents?” and “why couldn’t it be reusable to cut down costs and waste?” After two years of research Sinchies launched.

Using our reusable food pouches are not only kind on the environment but will also save you money compared buying the pre filled squeezies. Check out our recipes for quick, affordable lunchbox solutions, food pouch and baby food recipes, and other great ideas. Look here and see just how easy it easy to fill, clean and reuse Sinchies!

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